Silver Ships – No Longer A Trilogy

Originally, The Silver Ships was an extremely long outline that I cut into three parts…thus the Silver Ships trilogy. But, as I ‘m working on Méridien, the third book, while Libre is with my indie editor, I realize two things. First, I have ideas for more adventures for Alex and his people that won’t fit into the first three books. Second, I have grown quite fond of the people of the flotilla , and I’m not ready to say goodbye to them.

The continuing adventures of Alex and the Librans is in planning now. The present outline will generate a least one more book, Hellébore, but possibly it might generate two more books…for now.

2 thoughts on “Silver Ships – No Longer A Trilogy

  1. Roger Chapmen

    FYI the link in the book at end for readers to leave comments does not fill in the email address so I had to go looking to find some way let you know hence I’m here. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hi Roger,
      I found your name and email in my list of contacts from my web site who will be notified of my forthcoming books. I will be announcing soon the publishing of “Libre, A Silver Ships Novel.” The book will be for sale on Amazon, probably on August 1st with a pre-purchase opportunity on or around July 1st. I will let you know.
      S.H. Jucha


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