Amazon #1 Bestseller: First Contact

Amazon #1 Best Seller - First Contact Category

Amazon #1 Best Seller – First Contact Category

My Deepest Thanks To My New Fans!

I’m very humbled by the reception that my first novel, “The Silver Ships,” has received from fans around the world. I appreciate the individuals who have purchased my book or downloaded a Kindle version, many of who have contacted me and shared their impressions with me.

It never occurred to me while writing and publishing my book that on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, just twenty-four days after publishing, that I would access my Amazon book page at the urging of my sister Jan and discover my book labelled with the Amazon #1 bestseller flag for the category of science fiction, first contact.

My thanks again to all my new fans!



4 thoughts on “Amazon #1 Bestseller: First Contact

  1. Mark

    Wonderful read. So nice to read some Amazon scifi that flows rather than klunks along. Really enjoying the character development. Tiny critique would be to go easy on the ‘images’ in the implants.. Those started getting a little too much at the end. But a 5 star read. Waiting for book 2 impatiently.

  2. Andre Butcher

    Just finished Libre! Great fast paced novel, hard to put down. Now the bad part is having to wait for #3 Meridien…..

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hi Andre, I apologize for the late response. I have been heavily involved in marketing my books, writing articles and preparing for radio show interviews … and working on “Méridien.” The target date for publishing “Méridien” is November 1st. I’m pleased you’re enjoying the story.


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