Monthly Archives: March 2019

“Sojourn” Released

“Sojourn,” the thirteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon. The print version will follow soon. Please read the Author’s Note at the novel’s beginning.

Summary: Artifice, the great enemy, has been defeated. The sister SADEs, Omnian sentient digital entities, are free from their boxes. Most humans are unaware that the sisters have duplicated themselves many more times than suspected. They now constitute a sizable, group, calling themselves the Sisterhood. The elimination of Artifice’s rule should be a time of relief and recovery for Alex Racine’s Omnian fleet and for the Toralians, whose home world was Artifice’s lair. Instead, it’s a chaotic period.

Cover Preview: Sojourn

This is a preview of the cover of  “Sojourn,” the 13th novel in the Silver Ships series. The book will be released in late March 2019.

In the summer, I’ll release “Veklocks”, the 4th novel in the Pyreans series.

Then in the fall, the release of “Alliance,” in the Silver Ships series, should be an intriguing read to fans who enjoy both my series.