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Update on “Empaths” release!

Good news! “Empaths,” the first novel in the new Pyrean series, is now available for pre-order on Amazon at

Does this mean the next book in the Silver Ships series, “Vinium,” is creeping closer (pardon the pun) in the release schedule? The answer is yes.

Enjoy this cartoon of Snoopy and Lucy from the incomparable Charles M. Schulz. Most appropriate!


Cover Art for “Empaths”

Empaths Cover


Here’s  a sneak peak at the cover art for the first novel in my new series, the Pyreans.

For more information on the story of this third colony ship launched by Earth’s Sol-NAC coalition, visit my website at

For those readers wondering about a continuation of my first series, The Silver Ships, Alex and company will be returning in “Vinium” in early 2018.