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Author Q&A Oct. 26th on Reddit

redditJoin me for a Q&A on Reddit on Monday, October 26th.

This will be an opportunity for readers to ask questions about my science fiction series, your favorite characters, the future of the series, or anything else related to my novels!

Ask your questions, and I will endeavor to answer all of them. The session is scheduled from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM ET, but I will post my AMA (Ask Me Anything) notice to start the Q&A session at 2 PM ET.

A login to Reddit is required to post your questions but it only takes a username and password to create an account on Reddit. I hope you will join me for the discussion.

TSS Audiobook Narrator Nominated for Award

“The Silver Ships” Narrator Nominated

SOVAS, the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, has released its nominations for the 2015 awards.

I’m pleased to announce that the narrator, Grover Gardner, of the audiobook version of The Silver Ships has been nominated in the category of “Audiobook Narration — Science Fiction, Best Voiceover.”

Grover has created an amazing career in theater and narration. It has been an honor to have him choose to narrate my series, The Silver Ships.

Sci-Fi Author’s Car – Fiat 500e

S.H. Jucha's Electric Car

S.H. Jucha’s Electric Car

So what else would a science fiction author drive but an electric car … something that heralds the future?

I have to say one of the most fun things I enjoy driving my Fiat 500e electric car is the sound of the electric motors.

As the car accelerates or decelerates, the electric drive motors make these fantastic subtle winding or unwinding sounds. For those old enough to remember, it’s slightly reminiscent of the sounds of George Jetson’s air car. Now all I need it to do is fly!