“Q-Gates” Released

“Q-Gates,” the nineteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon U.S. in ebook and print versions. Other Amazon stores will be delayed two to three days. Expect the audiobook in March or April.

Summary: Omnian Co-leader Alex Racine’s mysterious dreams make him fear for events in alliance space. The dreams herald multiple calamities, such as the loss of the Transit Tripper. The freighter carried an alien drone and was sent to Mickey to examine.

The Colony has escalated its tactics against the Resistance. The alliance defenders have suffered setbacks. Mickey must find a way to defeat the Colony’s new energy weapons.

4 thoughts on ““Q-Gates” Released

    1. K

      1000 years of evolutionary drift, you got empaths with the Pyreans and possibly pre-cogs with New Terrans or at least with the family tree of Alex.

    2. Scott Jucha Post author

      Harry, when you study Earth’s evolutionary history, you discover species differentiation from continent to continent, which is why there aren’t kangaroos in North America. In the case of the Silver Ships novels, I chose to introduce the unusual features as appropriate within the stories. For the Pyreans, I refer to the loss of hull water in the Honora Belle. This water layer acted as a filter against solar radiation. The loss allowed the penetration of radiation, creating the possibility of genetic mutation within the population.


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