Preview of “Messinants” Cover

Here’s a preview of the cover for “Messinants,” the forthcoming second novel in the Pyrean series, which will be released on March 2, 2018.

The descendants of Earth colonists struggle against one another and fight to keep a tenuous hold on their planet, Pyre, made dangerous by the release of surface heat and deadly gases.

An incredible device might alleviate the planet’s problems. Can the populace put aside their conflicts and take the necessary actions to implement the device? And can they deal with the fact that the device is alien engineered?

6 thoughts on “Preview of “Messinants” Cover

  1. Dan Carboneau

    I must admit when I read the teaser for Empaths it didn’t grab me at first. However, being up to date on the Silver Ship series I can say your writing style is what made me go ahead and leap into Empaths and now I’m all up to date here anxiously awaiting book 3. The way your characters interact and develop is fantastic. Mixed with providing just the right amount of detail as to give the reader a well rounded and enjoyable understanding of what’s going on without being bogged down with too much detail is fantastic and really keeps the momentum rolling.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Thank you, Dan, for your generous comments about the Pyreans series. I’ve good news for you. The third book in the series has been released. Search on Amazon for “Jatouche.” I hope you enjoy the story. However, if you’re referring to the audiobook version of the series, it’ll be released on January 19th.


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