“Libre”, Cover Art

Alisha of Damon Za

Alisha of Damon Za

Alisha Of Damon Za has done it again!

Last year, I found the Damon Za web site that featured book covers at very reasonable prices. You only have to see their home page banner to see the quality of their work.

I was paired with Alisha, who created the cover forĀ The Silver Ships. We did go back and forth for almost a month on that first cover. I created a rough design of the silver ship for her, which she transformed into the present image.

And, here’s the good part. I went back to Damon Za for the second cover (Libre, A Silver Ships Novel ) and requested Alisha for the work. After completing my order, I emailed Alisha my ideas for the cover based on a test cover she created for The Silver Ships. She nailed it the first time.

Her cover was exactly what I had in mind. Okay, so maybe my mental image was a little fuzzier than hers and maybe not as eye-catching, but you get the idea. Great job, Alisha!

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    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hi Juri, our narrator, Grover Gardner is a busy man and will not be available to narrate “Libre” until mid-September. I anticipate the audiobook will be available in early October.


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