“The Silver Ships” is Published!

Published on Amazon!

Published on Amazon!

The Silver Ships was published on Amazon on  February 7th and is available in both Kindle and softcover versions. If you have Amazon Prime, the Kindle version is available for free download!

It took fifteen months from the time I sat down with my 100+ scraps of paper—character descriptions, technology and world concepts, chapter ideas, and smatterings of dialog—to write the story and work the review processes with my editor, Angela Polidoro.

At the heart of the story, I wanted to express my view that the individual counts, that an individual can make a difference. It’s a concept applied in my science-fiction stories, and it’s applied by people in the real world today!

One thought on ““The Silver Ships” is Published!

  1. Steven Buckley

    Loved the book and looking forward to the next one.
    One issue and sorry I can’t see any other way of communicating this. I don’t have an implant!
    Tried to register and it asked for a valid phone number – but the damn thing does not recognise British ‘ phone numbers even when I put the international dialling code.
    Am I being a complete numpty ( use that as a difference between new Terran slang and meridian if you Dare) or is it the system


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