“Axis Crossing” Released

“Axis Crossing,” the first book in the Gate Ghosts series, is now available on Amazon U.S. in ebook and print versions.

I recommend first reading the previous two series of the Earthers’ saga, The Silver Ships and Pyreans, to understand some of the nuances in this new series.

Summary: The descendants of a fourth Earth colony ship, Destiny, successfully establish a foothold in unoccupied space. The colonists persevere and expand through wormholes to remote systems. Their worlds are at odds with each other, and their lives are made more complicated by the arrival of strangers in an alien ship.

8 thoughts on ““Axis Crossing” Released

    1. K

      It is more of if he is going to do one colony ship group for this series or not, minus the interactions of the other known previous groups.

    2. Scott Jucha Post author

      I’m committed to writing this series about the Earthers’ fourth colony ship, Mike. It’s too early to say anything about the fifth colony ship. I’ve trouble thinking about the plot of next book much less the next series. As for the Gate Ghosts, Mike, you’re welcome!

  1. Paul K

    Congratulations Scott on the official release of the first book of your new series Gate Ghosts. The accolades you’ve received from dedicated readers for your previous two series are so very much deserved. It’s why myself, and many others, are looking forward to reading/listening to Axis Crossing.

    And thank you for not hanging up your author hat. Cheers.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      I sympathsize with your concerns, Paul. I’ve seen many authors, especially indies, give up on writing. Later, I discovered most quit the business due to financial constraints or personal issues in their lives or family members. To borrow phrasing often used by my readers, “So far, I’m enjoying it.” 🙂

      1. Paul K

        Mr. Jucha (attempt at sounding serious)…I don’t know how you do it. An amazing story and stellar (pun intended) start to the Gate Ghosts series. I like your development of the 2 1/2 main characters. You were able to do so in a logical not rushed natural common sense timeline, all during the first book. And I enjoyed the supporting Jucha’ians (trying to create a new phrase to make a nickel). Without spoiling…I’ll just say it was grand to see some familiars and have mentions of others no longer.

        Thanks for writing this, Scott.

        I will use this as well with editorial license and relate it to the series: “So far, I’m enjoying it.”

  2. K

    I wonder how long before an Earth envoy and what other party, Omnian/Conclave/Consortium/Outpost, has to show up and deal with the Naiad ‘s broken laws and lack of enforceable authority.


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