“Sol” Audiobook Available

Sol Audiobook

Sol Audiobook

The Sol audiobook is finally online at Amazon, Audible, and Blackstone.

For those individuals who waited patiently, you have my apologies for the production delay. I had hoped Blackstone Audio would meet the October 11th deadline, but issues within the company cropped up that prevented completing production by that date.

Enjoy listening to Grover Gardner!

2 thoughts on ““Sol” Audiobook Available

  1. Raphael

    I am just completing The Silver Ships novel, and want to complement you on the quality that I perceive in this book. The ideas on human equality that I believe would be a necessary element in human society for it to survive in the harsh environment of space is well illustrated here. The predatory nature of capitalism as exemplified by the neo-liberal policies brought in by Reagan and we see destroying capitalism in the West is what humanity needs to overcome if we are to have any chance of a future. There are elements I find hard to understand i.e. g-forces in space?, the superhuman nature of Alex, But for me it is not meat and potatoes as described by Kirkus or solid by Donovan it is rather innovate and well put together and I rate as good as Neal Asher today or the impact E.E Doc Smiths Skylark Veloran had on me in the 70’s Well done.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Thank you for your generous comments, Raphael. I’m pleased that you’ve enjoyed the first novel in the Silver Ships series. I hope you continue to relish the stories, which now number ten, with the completion of “Vinium.” By the way, Neal Asher and E.E. Smith are two of my favorite authors.


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