“Messinants” Released

“Messinants,” the second novel in the Pyrean series, is available for pre-order and will be released on March 2, 2018. Print version to follow in 4-5 days.

Summary: The descendants of Earth colonists struggle against one another and fight to keep a tenuous hold on their planet, Pyre, made dangerous by the release of surface heat and deadly gases.

An incredible device might alleviate the planet’s problems. Can the populace put aside their conflicts and take the necessary actions to implement the device? And can they deal with the fact that the device is alien engineered?

8 thoughts on ““Messinants” Released

  1. K

    From the way the Jatouche are introduced at the beginning, it doesn’t look like they use implants and may not employ nanites in the regen process or at least not throughout the regen process if at all. And from the way the Jatouche talk about the alliance, nobody in the alliance heavily invests in FTL capable ships. Are the traveler’s in system speed faster than the Jatouche’s in system speeds? Speed references only mention that Pyrean ships are slower.

    It would make for a good business venture for faster ship engines for the Pyreans if the Pyrean engineers work out a proposal to the Jatouche while on the Jatouche world.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      K, you’re ahead of me. At present, I’m working on “Nua’ll,” the eleventh book in the Silver Ships series. I’ve an idea what I want the Pyreans to contribute, but I hadn’t given much thought to what they might request. However, you’ve given me an idea, which I’m going to take one step further. The cover of “Jatouche” might provide you with an inkling of the arrangement.

  2. K

    I believe you sort of already made a wishlist what the Pyreans would want or need throughout the book.
    1. A secondary processing station.
    This might be more important to have if the Jatouche construction methods are way faster than what the Pyreans think. It would allow them to produce the intravertor cheaper and faster than the 11 million in coin that it takes to make on the YIPS. Free or at cost fuel from the slush the Bell would bring in.
    2. Grav plating.
    This wasn’t brought up by the Pyreans, but was mentioned in the from of the ability to move heavy loads by the Jatouche. This can be proposed by either the engineers or the Jatouche themselves.
    3. Medical Aid
    This is probably already one of things you plan to address in the next book.
    4. Faster ship engines
    Either the engineers or the Jatouche might bring up this subject.

    What Jatouche might want or need.
    1. Negotiation advisers.
    The use of an Empath for negotiations with other Alliance members, so that they can find out if the negotiations for trade items is either in their favor or not.
    2. Fruit juices
    The Jatouche seem to like it better than the alcoholic drinks.
    3. Possible help in creating their own FTL engines.
    The Pyreans are probably the only race that wouldn’t look down on them if they asked for help.

    Then there is whatever you have for the Pyreans to contribute.

  3. chris hounslow

    Very Good 5/5 next up wait for the audiobook so I can say I’ve read and listened to all your books

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hello Chris, I truly appreciate the enthusiasm! The “Messinants” audiobook has just been released. I was about to post the message on my website and social media platforms this weekend. Thanks for the continuing support!

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hello Jesper, I’m sorry to hear about the emotional pain your Kindle is suffering. 😉 “Jatouche,” the third book in the Pyreans series, is in its first-draft stage. I estimate a September release. Thanks for reading!


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