“Elvians” Released

“Elvians,” the eighteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon U.S. The print version will be delayed two to three days. Expect the audiobook in late December or early January.

Summary: Alex Racine’s fleet draws a first-contact conflict. The Omnian fleet sails from alliance space in an effort to interdict an alien ship that arrives at the Worlds of Lights, the Ollassa system.

Alex’s fleet arrives too late to prevent the Ollassa from attempting to oust the interlopers. The ill-equipped Ollassa attack the harvesting machines, and alien fighters destroy every Ollassa ship.

6 thoughts on ““Elvians” Released

    1. Paul K

      Brilliant opening to Elvians…dives right into the story; ie, business at hand. It raises the seriousness of the story, the critical level of the situation, etc.

      I am only 38 pages in and had to comment. This IS and will be a notable entry in The Silver Ships saga.

      Brilliant, Scott…just brilliant.

      (note: I’ll update when done with book)

      1. Paul K

        Done. So well written Scott. It is one of my fav books in the series, in good company with Haraken, Sol, Nua’ll, and Alliance and Pyreans series, with The Silver Ships book #1 King. Elvians is positive and always forward moving. For me, it created a good amount of suspense. Alex held his cards closer to his chest, even from his inner circle I thought. He also showed a new side, a more ‘this is how it has to be or we wash our hands’ than we’ve maybe seen before. I realize it was meant to drive parties to the path he wanted to take but it felt like it was aIso a change in his patience level or attitude; ie, no nonsense. Older age perhaps, maturity, tired? I also thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the Vinium.

        Thank you again Scott.


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