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“Elvians” Released

“Elvians,” the eighteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon U.S. The print version will be delayed two to three days. Expect the audiobook in late December or early January.

Summary: Alex Racine’s fleet draws a first-contact conflict. The Omnian fleet sails from alliance space in an effort to interdict an alien ship that arrives at the Worlds of Lights, the Ollassa system.

Alex’s fleet arrives too late to prevent the Ollassa from attempting to oust the interlopers. The ill-equipped Ollassa attack the harvesting machines, and alien fighters destroy every Ollassa ship.

“Talus” Released

"Talus" on Amazon

“Talus,” the seventeenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon U.S. The print version will be delayed two to three days.

Summary: Talus is under siege. Massive battleships, each ferrying an envoy from a federacy race, surround the Talusian home world.

The Talusian president, Sargut, sends an urgent plea for help. His message requests the assistance of the Omnian fleet.

The city-ship, Our People, and two Trident commands make preparations to sail for Talus to relieve the beleaguered Talusians.

“Earthers” Released

Earthers, A Silver Ships Novel

“Earthers,” the sixteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon. The print version will be delayed four to five days. I’m waiting for the book’s final cover.

Summary: Omnians, Earthers, and alliance members are fighting the Colony, the horde of sentient insectoids that threaten alliance space.

It’s Omnian superior technology that gives a temporary advantage to the peaceful alliance members who lead the fight to retake their planets.

Unfortunately, for those races fighting to halt the Colony’s expansion, the insectoids aren’t willing to retreat. They fight back with even deadlier tactics that take the lives of the unwary.

Note to Audiobook Fans

There have been a few challenges to continuing the audiobook series for the Silver Ships.

The first issue was that Grover Gardner accepted a full-time senior producer position with Blackstone Audio. He can no longer continue to read the series.

However, I’ve found a narrator who I believe rivals Grover’s style. Her name is Susanna Burney. She has finished the work on the “SADEs” audiobook and will complete the series. I truly enjoy her voice.

The second challenge was that ACX, the back end to Audible, had a “glitch,” as I was informed by support. It took me twelve days to find someone to correct the error so that I could begin the upload of the completed audio files. To be fair, the continuing effects of the pandemic on businesses has forced the ACX support team to work from home.

You’d think that would be the end of it but no. Amazon, ACX, and Audible, like all businesses, are suffering the ramifications of the pandemic. Today, I was told by support that the processing time for the “SADEs” audiobook files to be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes will take approximately thirty days.

I’ll keep you informed. Stay safe out there!

“SADEs” Released

"SADEs" Cover

“SADEs,” the fifteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon. The print version will follow soon.

Summary: Dangerous forces are at work across galactic space, and the Omnians resources are severely strained.

The SADEs want to know how they’re created. They request Alex Racine confront House Brixton, but the House Leader is expected to zealously guard the organization’s secrets.

While at Méridien, Alex Racine receives an urgent call for help from alliance space. Insectoids are subsuming planets.

For the Omnians, life and its challenges couldn’t be more precarious, or could they?

“Alliance” Audiobook Released

The audiobook for “Alliance,” the fourteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is available on Amazon and Audible as of December 24, 2019.

The Silver Ships series is narrated by Grover Gardner, who is a talented voice-over artist. He’s received multiple awards during his career for the quality of his narrations.

I hope you enjoy my newest audiobook release through Blackstone Audio.