“Artifice” Released

“Artifice,” the twelfth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon. The print version will follow soon.

Summary: The great spheres and probes of Artifice, humankind’s enemy, haunt every inhabited world near and far. The Omnians’ long and arduous search for Artifice has ended. They’ve located Artifice’s lair in the Talus system.

Whether or not the Omnians can gather allies to help them defeat Artifice, they don’t intend to abandon their goal and return to Omnia. They mean to capture or destroy the entity, Artifice, or die trying.

4 thoughts on ““Artifice” Released

  1. K

    Does that mean the other elder races getting the same deal in tech upgrades as the Toralians to basically police that area of space?

  2. K

    Okay, I’ll try asking about something a little more recent.

    1. Ude (cloned boy from book 11) kinda up and disappeared from this book.
    2. Alex didn’t ask Artifice what happened to the remains of the New Terra in this book.

    Since the next book is labeled “Sojourn”, I take it will take place back in the home region of space and the above will not be addressed until the book after.

    Veklocks is suppose to be released in Feb or is still TBA?

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      To answer your questions, K:
      1. Originally, there was a role for Ude to play in “Artifice, but when the plot outline changed that role went away.
      2. Requesting that information from Artifice would have sent the main plot off on a tangent in “Artifice.”
      3. I wouldn’t assume anything about in what region of space the story of “Sojourn” will take place.
      4. “Sojourn” should be released in March. “Veklocks” will follow in the summer.


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