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Damon Za BannerDamon Za Designs Awesome Cover Art

As someone who has spent years designing web sites and creating marketing material for businesses, I knew that I needed some strong cover art to help me sell my books. While searching, I discovered that there are great artists out there. But the challenges were: they have their own individual style, which doesn’t suit you; they are out of your price range; or they are too busy to accommodate new clients.

Then I located Damon Za. What he does so well is provide a great design package at incredible prices:

  • You complete an online interview that defines your book and your cover art preferences;
  • Offered multiple packages which may include e-books covers, softcover designs, web banners, posters, 3D images; and even the native Photoshop files;
  • Two choices are delivered to you from the designer within 11 days. You choose between them then develop that one with your designer via email.

I found my designer, Alisha of Damon Za, very easy to work with, and we developed her second concept as the cover for The Silver Ships. Much to my delight, her first concept was so great that it will be the basis of my second book’s cover art.

Whether you are a first-time self-publisher or are considering having your cover updated—check them out!

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