Test Flights of Model Silver Ship

Testing the Silver Ship

Author’s Wife Demonstrates Ease of Flying Model Silver Ship

— TSS News release —-

In collaboration with Melvin Industries, author S. H. Jucha commissioned the building of a model of a gravity-driven Silver Ship, otherwise known as a “dark traveler.” The above photo, shows the author’s wife demonstrating the ease with which the ship can be controlled.

Melvin Industries President, Dave Melvin was quoted as saying, “This is one of the most difficult contracts our company has ever worked on, but we were thrilled to be selected to build this first-of-a-kind drive system.” Asked when a full-scale model might be available, Mr. Melvin declined to comment saying, “It was too soon to tell.”

S. H. Jucha did admit that there were challenges to perfecting the tiny controller, but in the end the bugs were discovered and corrected. “I’m overjoyed with this proof of concept of a gravity-driven ship and can’t wait to see a full-sized shuttle, utilizing this design, in the future.”

This reporter can only say, “Watch out SpaceX! You may have competition!”

Disclaimer: This post, which is pure fiction, is meant to be a thank you to a group of very supportive readers of my novels, Dave Melvin, his wife Cindy, and his daughter Tiffany. Dave sent me the model on a whim, and I laughed saying that I had no individuals that small to fly it. Dave replied by sending me a remote controller, built with a “message in the bottle” so to speak. P.S. Dave, Peggy got a kick out of “flying” it.

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