“Sojourn” Released

“Sojourn,” the thirteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon. The print version will follow soon. Please read the Author’s Note at the novel’s beginning.

Summary: Artifice, the great enemy, has been defeated. The sister SADEs, Omnian sentient digital entities, are free from their boxes. Most humans are unaware that the sisters have duplicated themselves many more times than suspected. They now constitute a sizable, group, calling themselves the Sisterhood. The elimination of Artifice’s rule should be a time of relief and recovery for Alex Racine’s Omnian fleet and for the Toralians, whose home world was Artifice’s lair. Instead, it’s a chaotic period.

6 thoughts on ““Sojourn” Released

  1. K

    Surprised you don’t have coral reefs that stick out of the water or floating coral reefs super islands like those found in book 4 and 5 in the boundary series by Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor. Or thermal vents dotting the planet, keeping the water from turning to ice. Or floating ice caps at the polar regions.

    SADEs working with the Gotlians in the future will likely have to have an Omnian Swei Swee avatar if working under water or some kind of armored environment suit that also accommodate humans as well. Assuming that the Gotlians will take a more active role in the future.

    Gonna take a stab that the 3rd fleet shows up in the Alliance space.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hello K, who said there weren’t ice caps that melted and covered the islands and shallow reefs? I thought it evident that the Harakens’ exploration had barely begun on the water world when it was truncated by the tumultuous events. The Gotlians will eventually discover the true nature of their new world. The details of the planet’s geographical formation just weren’t germane to this story. As for the third federacy fleet showing up in alliance space … that’s not such a wild guess.

  2. K

    You kinda negated Azasdau and Rosette’s conversation in chapter 1 about the water world with Or-Deebaa thoughts about the water planet completely covered in water in chapter 4.


    If the black on the Toralian’s battleships is an applied compound rather than a metal treatment processes that makes the Toralian’s go stealth, would that be applicable as a coat over the silver ship hull to make a stealth traveler or trident? With the miniature shells in avatars, a small layer of that black stuff shouldn’t pose a problem if it is a compound.

    Would whatever power supply in those system probes be capable of recharging the power crystals in a traveler or trident faster or in parallel to the grav collectors?

    Will the reason for the human genome listed in the q-gate dome database be covered in a book sometime after Alliance or just another of the console mysteries?

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Azasdau and Rosette’s conversation in chapter one was one of conjecture. They were wondering about the planet’s condition. As I said earlier, I didn’t want the geological history of the planet to be the focus of this part of the story. I wanted to make the issue about the migration of this destitute race, the Gotlians, into human space and how they would be received, especially by the Omnians.

      In truth, I’ve not come up with a satisfactory answer for how the human genome exists in the Messinants database. Its similar to the mystery of House Brixton, and its method of creating SADEs. It took me a while to develop a theory, which will be the subject of a future Silver Ships novel.


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