Audiobooks: Libre and Méridien

Grover Gardner

The audiobooks for Libre and Méridien, books two and three in the series, are scheduled to be published in early 2016. Libre will be released on 2/9/2016 and Méridien will be released on 4/5/2016.

I’m very happy to report that Grover Gardner, the narrator of The Silver Ships, the first book in the series, has been retained as the narrator for audiobooks two and three.

2 thoughts on “Audiobooks: Libre and Méridien

  1. Steve Wilson

    Was looking forward to the release dates of the Silver Ships books. I don’t usually enjoy technological related books but I gave these a chance and was pleasantly surprised. They are easy, enjoyable reads that have just the right amount of adventure, romance and technology to be interesting. Since I have problems reading I am looking forward to hearing Grover Gardner’s easy voice reading the third and fourth books. I hope we can continue to here Alex et al’s adventures far into our future!

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hello Steve, I’m pleased you’re enjoying my books. I try to make my stories more about the people, who just happen to live in the far future. The audiobook for “Méridien” will be released on April 5th, and I’m targeting July for the release of “Haraken’s” audiobook.


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