“Sol” Audiobook Available

Sol Audiobook

Sol Audiobook

The Sol audiobook is finally online at Amazon, Audible, and Blackstone.

For those individuals who waited patiently, you have my apologies for the production delay. I had hoped Blackstone Audio would meet the October 11th deadline, but issues within the company cropped up that prevented completing production by that date.

Enjoy listening to Grover Gardner!

2 thoughts on ““Sol” Audiobook Available

  1. Tom

    Just finished Sol, the latest audiobook in the series, and I had to come to the site and say how absolutely wonderful it was. Your Silver Ships series has captured my reading and listening for several weeks now as I completely devour one book after the other. Keep up the wonderful work!

    P.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the great Grover Gardner. One of my favorite narrators and the Silver Ships would not be the same without his narration.


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