“SADEs” Released

"SADEs" Cover

“SADEs,” the fifteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon. The print version will follow soon.

Summary: Dangerous forces are at work across galactic space, and the Omnians resources are severely strained.

The SADEs want to know how they’re created. They request Alex Racine confront House Brixton, but the House Leader is expected to zealously guard the organization’s secrets.

While at Méridien, Alex Racine receives an urgent call for help from alliance space. Insectoids are subsuming planets.

For the Omnians, life and its challenges couldn’t be more precarious, or could they?

13 thoughts on ““SADEs” Released

  1. FluffyCloudCake

    A new book already, huh? 😀
    I just finished Alliance’s audiobook.
    Really looking forward to this one’s audio version as well.

    Keep up the great work :3

  2. K

    Was expecting the misadventures of Nada and Neffess to happen before they graduate. I take it that Waffala will show up for this venture, as either as a guide or negotiator with any Dischnya that Waffala still knows and still alive.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Any efforts by Nata and Neffess to visit Sawa might appear in the novel after “Earthers,” the next book to be published. Due to the centuries of separation between the Dischnya of Sawa, the home world, and those on Omnia, an ex-Earther, such as Olawale Wombo, won’t be able to help with communications. That task will fall to individuals such as Queen Nyslara and, her mate, Pussiro.

  3. Brian W Platt

    Just finished “Sades”, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. A good balance of original and newer characters, which provides several direction the series can go in the future. I continue to enjoy how weapons and violence are last resorts rather than the focus of the story.
    My only complaint is that I now have to wait a few months for “Earthers”.

  4. Jim Billinghurst

    I thoroughly enjoy your entire series plot lines and characters. Your narrator, Grover Gardner brings your stories to life. Please keep this series going.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Thank you, Jim, for your compliments about my sci-fi series. The audiobook for “SADEs,” the next in the Silver Ships series, should be released by late March.

  5. Rotex

    I enjoyed Alliance and SADEs. I have just one gripe: there’s a huge amount of “backstory” between Vecklocks and Alliance now missing! I quite enjoyed the Pyrean series – fantastic character building. Is there any chance of covering that backstory sometime?

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      While I thoroughly enjoyed writing the Pyreans series, as an offshoot of the main plot of the Silver Ships series, the majority of the Silver Ships readers didn’t embrace the Pyreans novels. In the end, it became an economic decision. Not wanting to see a complete end to the alliance and its characters, I chose to merge the series into the present timeline. As to continuing the Pyreans series … probably not. I’m more likely to publish another scifi series that has been brewing that I call Gate Ghosts.

      1. Judd Sandage

        I would love to see another series from you, but I second the notion for say a bridge novel for the Pyreans, even if only a novella or short story, maybe even like a history entry in some SADE wiki. other wise, good book as usual. And I await the audio book.


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