“Celus-5” Audiobook Release

The audiobook for “Celus-5” will be released on June 1st and will be available through the book’s Amazon page link or you can search directly on Audible.

For those outside the U.S., please allow a few days for your local Amazon pages to be updated.

Grover Gardner delivers his usual accomplished narration style in this continuing story of Alex and company.

“Omnia” Cover Preview

For the readers of the Silver Ships series, here’s a preview of the cover for the ninth book in the series, “Omnia.” Once more, Alex and company will sail into the dark!

The 3D block recreation of the Nanna-Sin Ziggurat, which my cover artist colorized, is courtesy of PirateMaster11.

“Omnia” will be released on Amazon on June 2, 2017.

“Allora” Sneak Peek

"Allora" Cover

“Allora” Cover

This is a sneak peek at the cover art delivered by Damon Za for the upcoming novella, Allora.

Rather than a background story in the Silver Ships series, this novella, which is a tale of sacrifice and birth, will relate the events of a momentous transformation in the Confederation that will impact the future of Alex and company.

I’m hoping to be able to release the novella early in December.

P.S. When you look at the luminous crystal on the cover, I want you to think of the place where a SADE’s mind resides.

“Sol” Audiobook Available

Sol Audiobook

Sol Audiobook

The Sol audiobook is finally online at Amazon, Audible, and Blackstone.

For those individuals who waited patiently, you have my apologies for the production delay. I had hoped Blackstone Audio would meet the October 11th deadline, but issues within the company cropped up that prevented completing production by that date.

Enjoy listening to Grover Gardner!