Haraken Audiobook Available

"Haraken" Audiobook

“Haraken” Audiobook

I’m happy to announce that, as of July 12th, the “Haraken” audiobook is now available in an MP3 version on Amazon.

The CD version of the audiobook will be available in a few days more on Amazon, Audible, Blackstone’s site, and Blackstone’s third-party distributors.

This represents the fourth audiobook available for the Silver Ships series. I’m in the process of setting up a contract to ensure that “Sol” is also distributed in audio formats.

“Sol” to be Released July 1st

"Sol" Book Cover

“Sol” Book Cover

“Sol”, the fifth book in the Silver Ships series, will be released on Amazon on July 1st.

For the fans out there, “Sol” concludes the story started in the fourth book, “Haraken”. Alex and company have chosen to preempt United Earth by showing up at Sol before the Earthers send their fleet to the Confederation.

To those that have asked the question, “Are more books planned for this series?” The answer is yes. At least three more novels and a short story, following “Sol” are in the planning stage.

Méridien Audiobook Available

Apologies for this slightly late announcement, but I’ve been keeping my head down to finish the first draft of Sol, the fifth book in the Silver Ships series.

Belatedly, I’m pleased to announce that the Méridien audiobook, the third audiobook in the series, is online in both MP3 and CD formats.

My sincere thanks to all the fans who have waited so patiently for the continuation of the audiobook series.

Visit Amazon.com, Audible.com, or Blackstone Audio for your copy of the Méridien audiobook, narrated by Grover Gardner and distributed by Blackstone Audio.

“Haraken,” Fourth Book in the Silver Ships Series

Haraken Cover

The Haraken Cover

First of all, the fourth book in the Silver Ships series has a new title, Haraken.

Two reasons for the change: (1) the book is more about the people, the Harakens, than the system they inhabit, Hellébore, and (2) it’s easier to insert this title into some of the listing services, which have antiquated data systems and have difficulty handling accented letters.

I’m wrapping up the editing and proofreading processes this month and will publish the eBook on March 1st.

You can visit my website, scottjucha.com, to get a preview of the first two chapters and the book’s description after the 20th of this month.


Libre Audiobook Online

Libre Audiobook Cover

Libre Audiobook Cover

Good News! The audiobook for Libre, the second audiobook in the Silver Ships series, is finally online.

Its publishing required that I become my own audiobook producer, but the transition will enable me to keep the audiobooks published on schedule. My sincere thanks to all the fans who waited so patiently for the audiobook series to continue.

Visit Amazon.com, Audible.com, or Blackstone Audio for your copy of Libre‘s audiobook, narrated by Grover Gardner and distributed by Blackstone Audio.

Audiobooks: Libre and Méridien

Grover Gardner

The audiobooks for Libre and Méridien, books two and three in the series, are scheduled to be published in early 2016. Libre will be released on 2/9/2016 and Méridien will be released on 4/5/2016.

I’m very happy to report that Grover Gardner, the narrator of The Silver Ships, the first book in the series, has been retained as the narrator for audiobooks two and three.

“It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll, But I Like it.”

No Stoppin' Cover

My friends, Bob and Terri Skurzewsk, have authored this wonderful book entitled “No Stoppin’ This Boppin’ – Let The Good Times Roll.” Their book examines the music scene in Buffalo from 1950 through 1964, when AM radio was king! Buffalo was home to many great DJs, and each interview in this book takes readers behind the scenes and shows how the broadcast industry worked, and how these DJs entertained with their on-air antics.

If you would like updates on their publishing progress, visit their website on Facebook, www.facebook.com/NoStoppinThisBoppin/.

Published by Visible Imagination Press, books can be purchased online at www.Amazon.com. Several local Buffalo bookstores and retailers also carry this title, including Talking Leaves, Dog Ears Bookstore, Vidler’s 5 & 10, Marilla Country Store and Rust Belt Books. It is also available at the Buffalo History Museum and Elma Museum.