“Jatouche” ebook available

For those enjoying the Pyreans series, the “Jatouche” ebook, Pyreans #3, is available on Amazon now.

The print version will be delayed a week. Amazon has requested the consolidation of book files from CreateSpace, its print-on-demand partner, into Amazon’s databases.

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8 thoughts on ““Jatouche” ebook available

  1. K

    I take it that the Norloth and/or the Tsargit has a naval fleet (with FTL engines) to take care of the developing issue at the beta dome system.

  2. K

    Not a big deal if you can’t comment on it.

    With the gate map, the Pyreans can find out if there was a gate at Earth or not. Probably greyed out or something if there was one and isn’t there anymore.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      The Honora belle would have star maps of the colony ship’s journey, if someone cares to look. However, I think the aliens in front of the Pyreans are a more pressing focus than wondering whether Earth’s system had a gate. Remember, the colonists left Earth long after humankind explored the Sol system, including the dark side of Earth’s moon.


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