“Earthers” Released

Earthers, A Silver Ships Novel

“Earthers,” the sixteenth novel in the Silver Ships series, is now available on Amazon. The print version will be delayed four to five days. I’m waiting for the book’s final cover.

Summary: Omnians, Earthers, and alliance members are fighting the Colony, the horde of sentient insectoids that threaten alliance space.

It’s Omnian superior technology that gives a temporary advantage to the peaceful alliance members who lead the fight to retake their planets.

Unfortunately, for those races fighting to halt the Colony’s expansion, the insectoids aren’t willing to retreat. They fight back with even deadlier tactics that take the lives of the unwary.

2 thoughts on ““Earthers” Released

  1. Lucy Rocha

    I have read every book in both series. I am now reading Earthers. And I can’t wait for the next book, Talus!!

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Thank you for your support of the Silver Ships and Pyreans series, Lucy. I anticipate releasing Talus,” the next book in the Silver Ships series, either in late July or early August.


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