Cover Preview: Veklocks

Veklocks Cover Preview

This is a preview of the “Veklocks” cover, the 4th novel in the Pyreans series. The book will be released in the first week of July 2019.

The story of the Pyreans doesn’t end with Veklocks. This series will merge with the Silver Ships, revealing a future that includes descendants of Pyre’s characters, who readers enjoy, and our adventuresome present day Omnians of the Silver Ships series.

The release of “Alliance,” in the Silver Ships series, should be an intriguing read to fans who enjoy both my series.

4 thoughts on “Cover Preview: Veklocks

  1. Jamie

    I have read all of both the Silver Ships series and the Pyreans series these last few weeks and I am enjoying myself immensely. For me, a science fiction fan since 1981 when I first learned how to read, after reading Isaac Asimov’s work and Philip K. Dick, this has been a treat. You are definitely occupying a place among the best. Thank you.

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Thank you, Jamie, for your generous compliment. “Veklocks,” the fourth novel in the Pyreans series, will be released about July 1st. Thereafter, “Alliance” will be released in the fall, and the Omnians will discover what has become of the Pyreans’ ancestors four hundred years later. 🙂

        1. Scott Jucha Post author

          Hello, Jay Peaz, neither series, Pyreans nor Silver Ships, ends. After “Veklocks,” the fourth novel in the Pyreans series, which comes out in July, the stories merge, which for the Pyreans is about four hundred years in the future. What I show in “Alliance,” which will be released in the fall, is an enlarged starscape. On one side will be the federacy (Silver Ships stories). On the other side will be the alliance (Pyreans stories). Earth and the colonies of Omnia, Haraken, New Terra, and the Confederation will be caught in the middle.


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