“Celus-5” Cover


For those of you, who are readers of the Silver Ships series, I have a sneak peek at the cover of book #8, “Celus-5.”

For a summary of the novel, please visit my website’s page for “Celus-5.”

The expected release date for this novel is mid-March 2017.






2 thoughts on ““Celus-5” Cover

  1. Travis

    Got the Amazon notification for my preorder at midnight. Stayed up all night to finish it. While Sol is still my favorite, this one ranks up there with it and the first book. Looking forward to the next book, the story is set up to make it a great story line. Hopefully it comes out before I deploy this summer! Thanks again for a great series!

    1. Scott Jucha Post author

      Hello Travis, I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed the series and the latest story. If you deploy before “Omnia” is released and have trouble getting a copy, let me know via my website comment page. I’ll ensure that you get a digital copy!


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